The advancement of knowledge is a collective enterprise that relies on the building of research communities. I am fortunate to collaborate with a number of co-authors in my research and to contribute to the interdisciplinary networks centred on the North Atlantic Population Project and the Canada Century Research Infrastructure project. The collective effort of scholars involved in these networks is advancing in significant ways the research infrastructure for history and social sciences across the north Atlantic world.

In recent years I have hosted workshops on topics such as economic and demographic change in Latin America, inequality and factor prices during globalization and the construction and use of longitudinal data. I also serve on the editorial boards of Enterprise and Society, the Australian Economic History Review, Continuity and Change and the organizing boards for the Biographical Dictionary of American Economists, Canadian Association of Latin American and Carribean Studies, the Canadian Network for Economic History and the World Cliometric Congress.

Within the University of Guelph I contribute to the management of the Collaborative International Development Studies program and the Guelph-Saskatchewan Guatemala semester.

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